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Control your industrial processes – Paris, FR

We support our customers in the control of their processes thanks to our complete offer: training and software. We have developed a unique solution capable of correcting machine tools from the measurement of a single part.


The digital shopfloor management – Paris, FR

Fabriq is an intuitive platfrom that improves shop floor performance management (SIM, audits, task plans, visual management). Fabriq allows users to solve operational issues faster and leverage operational data to augment daily decision making..



Organise your field teams – Paris, FR

The first tool to track skills, trainings and assignments in order to help your workshop and support functions respond to 4.0 issues. Mercateam digitises all field processes by eliminating Excel and Word.


Energy efficiency, productivity and decarbonisation for Industry  – Paris, FR

Combining data digitalization and human expertise with the power of Data Science, METRON-EVA® SUITE provides the transparency needed by industrial groups to standardize, operate and measure their decarbonization strategy.


Take back control on your data – Paris, FR

Niagara catalog and process all your industrial data, then connect your applications (ERP, MES, business apps, etc..). Unlock up to a minimum of 10% productivity by automating your data flows and time-counting operational processes.


Production planning software – Paris, FR

We help industrials boost their operations profitability with an end-to-end production planning solution. With Oplit, our users simulate their plans, follow their production objectives and improve their operations.


Quality Control Automation – Paris, FR
Scortex offers a digital quality control solution. It enables intelligent automation of visual inspections and real-time analysis. The solution improves visibility, traceability and control over the quality of your production.


Connect to your industrial potential – Paris, FR

Stand-alone and external solutions to monitor the performance of any production equipment, physical values or manual tasks. Plug and play technologies that can be installed in less than an hour, for real-time data analysis.


Manage your factory logistics in real time  – Paris, FR

Zozio provides an intelligent management platform to optimize stocks and logistics flows. Assisted by Zozio, the employee anticipates logistic inconsistencies, easily pilots the equipment park and improves the performance of the factory.

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