Why TIA ?

Our solutions allow us to break

down barriers between all sectors,

from the automotive industry to food industry,

from electronics to aeronotics, consulting

and pharmaceuticals….

We are sure about it: dominant technology, however widespread it may be, will eventually be replaced. 

We were born from atypical profiles, committed to create a value proposition of a different kind. Our raison d’être: innovation, to finally offer our customers disruptive technologies that have a lasting impact and have proven their efficiency. Close to our customers, we know that it is in co-construction and in boldness that we best support them, in the long run, in their conquest of new territories.



Our solutions radically change established codes



Our ecosystem brings together all the best practices in the Industry



No false promises, the results are very tangibles


“All TIA members share a common vision: to digitalise the production floor with upgradable, user experience centric and open applications to provide digital continuity to our customers. This alliance allows us to provide an innovative and ambitious response to the challenges of the factory 4.0”

François Déchelette, Co-founder of Fabriq

"Did you know that more than 90% of dimensional rejects are due to adjustment errors in your production equipment ? Together, let's rethink what's possible !"


"By joining TIA, we are putting all the chances on our side to achieve our mission: to simplify the life of the staff in the factory and to enhance the value of the operational staff."


"In collaboration with our TIA partners, we can offer a GLOBAL digital solution covering multiple needs. We think this has a tremendous value our clients."


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The Industrial Alliance

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